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Seth Godin

Biography and Books


Full Name: Seth W. Godin
Date of Birth: 10 July 1960

Godin is the author of many books. Free Prize Inside was a Forbes Business Book of the Year in 2004, while Purple Cow sold over 150,000 copies in more than 23 print runs in its first two years. The Dip was a Business Week and New York Times bestseller; Business Week also named Linchpin among its “20 of the best books by the most influential thinkers in business” on November 13, 2015.

In June 2013, Godin raised more than $250,000 from readers with a Kickstarter campaign, which in turn secured him a book contract with his publisher for his book “The Icarus Deception.”

Godin was inducted into the American Marketing Association’s Marketing Hall of Fame in 2018.

Godin has a chapter giving advice in Tim Ferriss’ book Tools of Titans.


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